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Helping Families Protect & Enrich Their Family Heritage
Trustee Services Group is a professional service company specializing exclusively in the delivery of trustee and estate fiduciary services.


We understand that wealth and families is very complex. As families try to transfer wealth it can be an incredible blessing or, if done improperly, can be incredibly destructive. Often times a neutral third party is needed to come alongside the family’s advisory team to provide guidance as families go through their wealth transition.


Our relational focus, and Open Architecture™ approach, helps families to successfully navigate through the complexities of wealth, family and trusts. We believe a family “legacy” is about more than just money.


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Steve Marken, J.D.
Founding Principal

Trustee Services Group - Steve Marken
A Meaningful Difference

Open Architecture Trustee Services

We begin and end with the family – the goals, needs and desires in the context of the family trust or estate. Our desire and passion is to help families, and their advisory team, successfully navigate the complexities of wealth and family. We’ve developed a model we call Open Architecture™ to best meet these needs.
What Makes Us Unique
Our Five Distinctives


The family deals directly with decision makers instead of being subject to committees with whom the family may never have the opportunity to interact or engage.

Family Focus

We exist to help families successfully navigate the complexities of family wealth, not just perform trust administration.


To avoid any conflicts of interest, we have no formal affiliations with wealth management firms or financial advisory practices.


Together we develop a customized approach that will best suit the family’s needs.


We work collaboratively with the family’s team of trusted professionals.
Our Collaborative Process
A Family-Centered Team
Trustee Services
Trustee Services Colorado Springs
Trustee & Estate Fiduciary Services
What We Offer

We specialize exclusively in the delivery of trustee and estate fiduciary services.


We understand the complex issues associated with meaningful wealth in families, and encourage families to structure their own, best in class solution to address the uniqueness of their family in the context of their wealth.

Professional Advisors 

We believe families generationally benefit from the continued involvement of their professional advisory team and collaboratively work with financial advisors, attorneys and tax professionals across the country in this regard.  


We intimately understand the role and importance of philanthropy, and how such plays an integral role in legacy development and successful wealth transfer.

Our expertise and experience is in family wealth. In this regard, we serve in the following ways:

  • Trustee (Trusts)
  • Executor and Personal Representative (Will)
  • Agent for Financial Affairs (Power of Attorney)
  • Trust Protector
  • Special Independent Trustee
  • Consultant
  • Expert Witness

Although attorneys may have their own special names for various trusts, we have experience with most all. Below is a listing of the general types of trusts on which we serve as trustee:

Family Trusts:  Both revocable and irrevocable, where assets are held and dispersed in accordance with specific distribution provisions usually for the benefit of family.

Charitable Trusts:  All types of charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

Family Foundations:  Trusts designed to secure the philanthropic legacy of the founder and the founder’s family.

Life Insurance Trusts:  Irrevocable trusts which own life insurance for the benefit of others.

Retirement Trusts:  Specially designed trusts which facilitate the “stretch” of inherited IRA accounts while also coordinating distributions with the provisions of a family trust.

Special Needs Trusts:  A specialized trust allowing a disabled beneficiary to receive income without reducing their eligibility for public assistance disability benefits.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

We believe our client association should be based upon a trusted partnership as opposed to an imposed relationship. We put relationships first and the rest follows. Advisory teams and families have been counting on us for more than 10 years to support their unique needs.