Estate Services Group is a specialized division of Trustee Services Group. Enjoy peace of mind and preserve family harmony as a result of our efficient and cost-effective services upon one’s passing, and/or during times of incapacity.

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Our Specialties

Estate Services Group is a specialized division of Trustee Services Group, comprised of experienced professionals focused on the responsibilities associated with serving as:

  • Executor / Personal Representative (Will)
  • Successor Trustee (Revocable Living Trust)

  • Agent for Financial Affairs (Financial Power of Attorney)

Specialized Division
Estate Settlement

Estate settlement is a responsibility most have never previously undertaken. Needless to say, this can be an emotional and confusing process for many, especially for family members who are simultaneously presented with the reality of life without their loved one.

Grief will be experienced by all, but how that grief plays out in the context of the family wealth will often not be known or experienced until that time comes. Unfortunately, as has been experienced by far too many, placing a family member in the midst of the family wealth and tasking them with the responsibility of settling the estate can have disastrous and deep-rooted relational consequences amongst those who, prior to the passing of their relative, enjoyed each other as “family”.

Because of our focused attention to this diverse and specialized area, we can efficiently settle estates while delivering cost-effective professional services to avoid the headaches, hassle and family strife which an arise when a loved one has passed or becomes incapacitated.

When serving in these roles, Estate Services Group assumes a legal “fiduciary” responsibility to fulfill the intentions of the deceased, while also acting in the best interest of the estate beneficiaries. Although the original client has passed, the estate beneficiaries become our clients and hold Estate Services Group accountable for the important work we do.

Ensure Proper Management of Resources
Serving During Times of Incapacity

As Financial Power of Attorney and/or Successor Trustee, Estate Services Group works closely with the client’s existing professional advisory team and Health Care Agent to ensure the financial resources are appropriately managed and used to provide the necessary care for the client.  

Services Include:

  • Complete oversight of the client’s financial resources
  • Ongoing management of client’s financial responsibilities
  • Coordination with Health Care Agent in addressing client’s health care needs
  • Utilize medical and long term care insurance
Estate Settlement
Upon Passing

As Executor/Personal Representative under the Will, and/or Successor Trustee under the Trust, Estate Services Group becomes responsible for settling the estate of the deceased client. 

In settling the estate, responsibilities include:

  • Secure, preserve and manage all estate assets during estate settlement
  • Address and close out all financial affairs of the deceased
  • Tax planning, tax reporting and filing of tax returns
  • Timely transition assets per the estate documents
Estate Settlement
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Accurate Reporting

As part of our services, the following reports are prepared:

Asset Inventory – Setting forth the assets which comprised the client’s estate

Estate Accounting – Itemizing all expenses and/or distributions which occur during the estate settlement process

Estate Settlement Calculation (if authorized under the estate documents and warranted under the circumstances) – Specifying the distribution amounts to those who are intended to receive a percentage share of the estate

Estate Services Group
Your Estate Settlement
How to Appoint TSG

Should a family desire an impartial third-party professional be appointed so as to avoid the potential relational consequences which can arise when tasking a family member or friend with the responsibility of estate settlement, Estate Services Group would be privileged to serve and help.

To appoint Estate Services Group to serve as the successor trustee (trust), personal representative / executor (will) and agent (power of attorney for financial affairs) for your estate, we simply ask two important things:

  • Complete and return our Estate Information Form.  This helps us to know and contact those most important to you when “called into action”;
  • Provide us with a copy of your estate documents.  This allows us to see whether the instructions set forth in your estate documents are clear and understandable. The easiest way to do so is to simply request your attorney to forward a digital copy of your estate documents to us.
  • Please see Suggested Naming Language to name TSG as the Successor Trustee. Click Here to Learn More
  • Payment of $250, which covers our time and cost for reviewing your estate documents and putting you into our system as a “Deferred Client”. We also provide our deferred clients with an Emergency contact document which they can post and carry with them which details who to contact should something happen to the client.


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