About Us
Why We Established Trustee Services Group

We understand that wealth and families is very complex. As families try to transfer wealth it can be an incredible blessing or, if done improperly, can be incredibly destructive. Often times a neutral third party is needed to come alongside the family’s advisory team to provide guidance as families go through their wealth transition. 

Our relational focus, and Open Architecture approach, helps families to successfully navigate through the complexities of wealth, family and trusts. We believe a family “legacy” is about more than just money.

Expert Guidance
What You Can Expect From Us

Open Architecture

We come alongside those who already know and understand your desired family legacy.

Relational Focus

Preserving relationships, both personal and professional, is of primary importance to us.


We avoid conflicts of interest because we do not manage wealth, offer investments or draft trusts.
A Wonderful Gift
What We Believe

Trustee Services Group was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide professional advisors and families a personal, customized approach that protects and enriches a multi-generational heritage. Our passion is for families, and their advisory team, to ultimately understand and experience the wonderful gift of which they are a part.  

We strive to provide families with peace of mind that their family will be strengthened, not destroyed, by the transfer of wealth through a caring, personalized alternative to the traditional estate and trustee planning process. We will work with you to create a family legacy that endures.