Consultative Support

Our desire is to help. We are happy to share our unique background and experience through consultative support to those who need assistance with:

  • Wealth in Family
  • Serving as Trustee or Estate Fiduciary
  • Resolving Trustee Issues
Wealth in family . . . a complex equation

Sadly, we all know of those instances where a parent or grandparent has left an inheritance which subsequently deadens the talents and energies of their loved one, and tempts them to lead a less worthy life than the parent or grandparent envisioned or intended.

Or, the trust beneficiary who suffers from “affluenza”, manifesting itself thru a false sense of entitlement and the lack of purposeful pursuits needed to cultivate self-esteem, self-worth, motivation, self-confidence, and/or personal identity.

Trustee Services Group

As most families and heirs of means have worked with very skilled and competent estate and financial planners, the negative impact of receiving wealth most likely has little to do with the legal or financial tools that were / are in place. Instead, studies show, and common sense confirms, these unfortunate consequences are the result of these wealth related issues being left unaddressed from a “non-financial” perspective. Take a look at the daily tabloids and you will unfortunately see the negative consequence that ill prepared human and intellectual capital can have on material wealth.

Are you worried that your heirs’ lives may be adversely affected by the wealth which they are intended to receive?
Are you a trust beneficiary caught in a struggle over your inherited wealth?


If so, we can help.

Although each professional associated with Trustee Services Group is gifted and experienced in their own way, we also understand the importance of collaboratively engaging those whose professional and personal skill set compliment the team in addressing these multifaceted and complex “wealth in family” issues.

We are an active member of the Purposeful Planning Institute thereby allowing access to the most comprehensive network of skilled professionals and consultants serving families of wealth and families in business.

Trustee Services Group also has worked closely with organizations like The Heritage Institute, Excellence in Giving, 21/64 and other networks of professional advisors who are trained and equipped to help families transition from success to significance.

Thus, with our collaborative approach, and through our national network of experienced wealth mentors and coaching professionals, we are uniquely equipped to address any “wealth in family” issue, regardless of its nature or complexity.


Generally, ways which we may be able to assist:

  • Beneficiary Preparation
  • Estate Organization
  • Family Business Succession (Interpersonal focus)
  • Family Governance
  • Family Legacy Development
Assistance Serving as Trustee or Estate Fiduciary

Perhaps you have accepted the privileged role of trustee or estate fiduciary for a friend or family member.

You now find yourself responsible for the proper oversight and administration of the trust assets, guided by oft confusing terms of a trust document filled with “legalese”. You are held to a legal “fiduciary” responsibility to administer the trust correctly while acting in the best interest of the commonly conflicting interests of the current and remainder trust beneficiaries.

Overwhelmed? We can help.

We offers two ways to make your life easier while serving as individual trustee or estate fiduciary.

  • Comprehensive Trust / Estate Accounting
  • Consultative Fiduciary Support

When partnering with Trustee Services Group you will experience the peace of mind and security which comes from being supported by experienced professionals whose sole focus is to help you successfully fulfill your privileged role as trustee.

Our desire . . . to help you successfully serve.

Trustee Services Group
Resolving Trustee Issues

The role of trustee is multi-faceted and complex. Issues and concerns are certain to arise.

Are you or your client confused or frustrated with their current trustee relationship?

If so, our intimate understanding of a trustee’s fiduciary responsibilities, and expertise in reviewing trust documentation, allows for the Trustee Services Group to be particularly effective in successfully resolving trustee related issues.

At the very least, this “as needed” consultative service allows you better understand the complex and often-times confusing role and responsibilities of the trustee, as well as to how to better navigate the trustee / beneficiary relationship.


We Are Here to Help Families Protect and Enrich a Multi-Generational Heritage.