Responsive & Caring Services for
Supplemental Needs Trusts

A Supplemental Needs Trust (SNT), sometimes referred to as a Special Needs Trust, is created to provide financially for a beneficiary who has a disability, chronic illness, or injury and relies on government assistance.

The primary purpose is most often to preserve current and future eligibility for needs-based government benefits such as, but not limited to, Medicaid, Social Security Income, and subsidized housing. When properly administered, a SNT will allow the beneficiary to receive funds from the trust while continuing to receive government benefits.

Unlike with some other types of trusts, beneficiaries with SNTs cannot inherit money directly. Doing so could put their benefits at risk.

Trustee Services
Trustee Services Group
Distinctive Care
For Your Needs

Services we provide as trustee on a Supplemental Needs Trusts include:

  • Administration/disposition of trust assets as directed by governing trust document
  • Appropriate record keeping and reporting
  • If necessary or desired – personal bill payments
  • Timely and responsive distribution processing – no committee bureaucracy
  • All tax reporting and filings
  • If necessary, representative payee for Social Security
Our Unique Approach
What Makes Us Different
Trustee Services

To best help our clients plan for their financial futures, and to best ensure trust resources are being fully utilized to support client needs, we are in regular communication with the client and the client’s support team.

Trustee Services Group

Trustee Services Group believes in the team approach. We enjoy working closely with the client’s inner circle, including family members, care providers, case managers, professional advisors, and family support systems.

Trustee Services

Trustee Services Group is owned and operated by trust attorneys that are knowledgeable and experienced in this complex and specialized area of law.

Trustee Services Group

Because timely addressing client needs is our utmost concern, our clients work directly with a team of dedicated professionals thereby ensuring prompt attention to client requests.

Trustee Services Group

We believe all clients deserve the honor of living a life of fulfillment. Thus, while it is our responsibility to ensure we maintain eligibility for public benefits, our objective is also to best support our clients in achieving their personal goals and dreams.


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