Multi-Generational Wealth Counseling
When Your Client is Valued and Heard, the Door Opens to the Long-Term Stewardship of their Legacy

Personalized Estate Design (PED) sets the state for an entirely different conversation.

In the Personalized Estate Design process, your client reflects on what is most important to them, including their upbringing, relationships, hopes, concerns and causes. 

What follows is an estate design specifically tailored to address the uniqueness of your client and their beneficiaries. It’s a thoughtful process that makes them feel valued and understood through the personal application of their five life “capitals”.

  • Financial Capital – assets, material possessions
  • Human Capital – character, personal makeup
  • Intellectual Capital – knowledge, wisdom
  • Social Capital – personal relationships, focus on others
  • Spiritual Capital – religion, faith in God

Life circumstances and complex relationships can cause clients to become “stuck” and not know where to start when construction their plan. But that all changes with the right process.

The PED process turns what is commonly viewed as a reluctant task into a time of deep contemplation and discovery that instead brings clarity to an inspired legacy.

When guiding your client through this process, your client will be specifically asked whether they wish to have you involved in the protection and stewardship of their legacy. By going beyond the numbers, clients will naturally want your continued involvement built into their estate plan.

That’s how Multi-Generational Wealth Counselors are made.

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Learn How Personalized Estate Design Can Help You Become a Multi-Generation Wealth Counselor

Learn more about how the Personalized Estate Design (PED) can help you become a multi-generational wealth counselor.

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