A Refreshing Approach to
Family Legacy Trusts

Years of proven experience in generational wealth has taught us that inherited wealth is a uniquely difficult matter that comes with its own distinct challenges. 

If not properly stewarded, inherited wealth can become a crutch, siphoning a sense of initiative, or robbing of personal accomplishment. 

With the proper focus, inherited wealth can be a tool equipping one for a life of personal “success” and associated development of one’s self-worth.

Trustee Services
Not Your Typical Trust Organization
What Makes Us Different
Trustee Services

The family is welcome to interact directly with all members of our Client Services team rather than being subject to one point of contact and/or the decision making of committees.

Trustee Services

We exist to help families successfully navigate the complexities of family wealth, not just perform Trust administration.

Trustee Services

To avoid any conflicts of interest, we do not offer investment management services and have no financial products to sell.

Trustee Services

We work collaboratively with the family’s team of trusted professionals.

“Having no one to leave my worldly goods to, when I was making out a new will, my attorney told me about Trustee Services Group. You hire them to be your “family member” who takes care of your wishes. It’s better than actual family, since you don’t have to feel like you are imposing on them. They do a wonderful job and make you feel like you are part of their family. A great weight was lifted off my shoulders when I signed up with them. I no longer feel alone.”

-JSS (Client)

Trustee Services
A Different Objective
Client Success

When serving as Trustee on a generational Trust, we are tasked with the privileged responsibility of helping families navigate through the many complexities associated with inherited wealth.

The professionals at Trustee Services Group understand what most wealth holders desire for their family… for subsequent generations to live a life fulfilled with meaning, purpose, and personal achievement. That is what we call “client success”.

We desire to equip our client beneficiaries to live a life of independence, encouraging and supporting responsible decision making, while also avoiding the temptation to become dependent upon their inherited wealth.

Our goal is to help Trust beneficiaries achieve their own personal success and leave their unique mark in life, whatever that may be.

A Different Focus
Client Centered

A different focus requires a different approach. At TSG we understand that no two client beneficiaries are alike. We further understand there can be great variations in Trusts, as well as the dreams and desires of the Trust Creators for their heirs. Thus, we believe a one size fits all approach is never appropriate for any clients of TSG. Our process starts with the desires of the Trust Creator and focuses upon the uniqueness of every client beneficiary. 

Our desire is to:

Help our client beneficiaries  intimately understand their Trust and how such was designed for their benefit; and

Equip our clients to become wise decision makers, not only about their wealth but also regarding their time and unique talents.

Trustee Services Group
A Different Process
Guidance & Support

Because of our client focused approach, we strive to avoid telling our client / beneficiaries what to do. Instead, we endeavor to guide our clients to value and execute wise decision making, for their own benefit, so that each can ultimately come to enjoy the satisfaction which comes from independence, self-sufficiency, and the achievement of their own personal “success”.

This is accomplished by asking our beneficiaries to define their desired financial and personal life goals (their “success”). In collaboration with the client / family’s financial advisor, we then ask our clients to create a plan for their personal achievement, starting with a budget which the client creates. With their personal “success” as the focus, our clients become incentivized to live within their means to accomplish their own unique life legacy.  

Although challenges and mistakes will inevitably be encountered along the way, such are positioned as learning opportunities for future decision making.

Finally, we view our role as Trustee as being responsible for stewarding the family wealth. Thus, we encourage our client / beneficiaries to participate in the management of their family / Trust wealth to the extent they desire. After all, this is how our clients can ultimately become wise decision makers regarding their personal wealth and finances.

“Trustee Services Group made it a priority to get to know me and my goals, so that they could fully understand how they could help – today, tomorrow, and 10 years down the road. We’re extremely fortunate to have TSG in our corner. The level of service is unparalleled. It’s the genuine care — the sincere interest in my life, that has solidified our relationship.”

-Lauren (Client)

Another Way We Are Different
Accessible & Responsive

Because of our unique role, we have a commitment to e accessible and responsive to our clients, whose wealth we have the privilege of stewarding.

Responsiveness – As a professional Trust services organization, we timely address our client’s needs by empowering our clients to interact directly with anyone on our fully dedicated Client Services team.

No Decision-Making Committees – TSG will never subject clients to a closed-door decision-making process built upon the convenience of an impersonal committee., with whom the client never gets to meet or interact. Our clients, and the families we serve, deserve better than this “Wizard of Oz” approach.

Trustee Services


We Are Here to Help Families Protect and Enrich a Multi-Generational Heritage.