Our Team
Experienced Servant Leaders

The Trustee Services Group is a beneficiary focused team drawing upon our diverse professional experience to help beneficiaries become wise stewards of their inherited wealth, while simultaneously supporting the family’s professional advisory team as together we collaboratively strive to successfully navigate the complexities of family wealth.

Our Finance team works to make sure disbursements are made timely, efficiently and provided to the beneficiary in the way they can put it to quick use.
Trust Education
Our Trust Education team helps beneficiaries understand how the trust works, why the grantor set it up the way they did, and how it was intended to be used for your benefit.
Client Services
Our Client Services team is a responsive group who strives to make sure each client is heard and understood.
Our People
Caring & Collaborative

Sharing a common calling to deliver a personalized, beneficiary focused solution, our team of caring and collaborative professionals regularly draw upon their extensive experience in order to deliver the customized and responsive service which all clients deserve.

Trustee Services Colorado Springs

Steven S. Marken, Esq.

Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Trustee Services Group

Matt Gardner, Esq.

Partner | Chief Operating Officer
Bruce Peotter

Bruce Peotter, Esq.

Partner | Estate Services
Trustee Services Colorado Springs

Valerie Marken

Vice President of Finance
Trustee Services Colorado Springs

Mary Sue Powers

Vice President Client Care & Operations
L Cooper Overstreet

L. Cooper Overstreet, Esq.

Vice President - Wyoming Fiduciary Services
Trustee Services Fort Collins

John Nicholas, MBA

Vice President - Fiduciary Services
Trustee Services Group

Neil DeVoogd, Esq.

Associate Vice President Fiduciary Services
Estate Services Colorado Springs

Jessie A. Sanders

Director of Estates & Trusts
Trustee Services Colorado Springs

Libby Lane

Director of Legacy Development
Trustee Services Colorado

Lisa Kochanasz

Financial Administrative Assistant
Jared Marken

Jared Marken

Financial and Legal Assistant
Trustee Services Colorado

Cindy Moritz

Executive Assistant
Gregory Schupra

Gregory Schupra

Foundations & Charitable Tax Planning

Steve Masterson

Fiduciary Expert Witness


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