Digital Storage Solution
Heritage Vault™

Conveniently store and access your important documents and health information.

At Trustee Services Group, we intimately understand what is needed to efficiently serve a client and their family upon a client’s incapacity or passing. In fact, we have a specialized division, known as the Estate Services Group, which is daily focused upon exactly this. 

We also know that between now and the time those services are required, life continues to happen . . .  health issues arise, new accounts have been opened, place of residence changes, different insurance is obtained, etc. 

To provide peace of mind in knowing that your team is timely kept up to date, we are pleased to offer the Heritage Vault, a personal and secure place for you to store and update the important documentation and information which can quickly and conveniently be accessed when needed.

Store Important Documents in Your Personal Heritage Vault™ for $150 Annually

Important Legal Documents
  • Estate documents
  • Business formation & operating documents
  • Military service records
  • Divorce decrees
  • Citizenship papers
  • Birth & death certificates (spouse & heirs)
Asset Information
  • Property titles
  • Loans / Promissory notes
  • Account statements
TSG Estate Information Form
  • Important people
  • Asset locations
Insurance Documents
  • Long-term care
  • Medical
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Disability
  • Funeral
  • Life
Important Medical Details (through DocuBank)
  • Emergency medical information
  • Healthcare directives
Funeral Plans
  • Memorial arrangements
  • Pre-paid plans
Family Legacy
  • Legacy letter / video / recording
  • Keepsake pictures / letters / videos / recordings
Immediate Access to Healthcare Directives & Emergency Medical Information — Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7/365
Included with Heritage Vault™
DocuBank Emergency Card

The card provides instant access to the information doctors need in a medical emergency. 

The card allows your emergency information and critical healthcare documents to be available by:

Phone:  By calling 1-800-DOCUBANK, hospitals have your information immediately faxed to them.

Computer:  By clicking the Hospital Button or going to, hospital staff can view and print documents immediately. 

Emergency Alert Stickers

When placed on your drivers license and health insurance cards, Emergency Alert Stickers inform the hospital and emergency staff how to immediately obtain your vital health information.


DocuBank SAFE

DocuBank SAFE offers you the option of securely storing and sharing additional health and insurance documents online. 


Medication List 

You can share your medications instantly with doctors when your card is used. You can key in, or upload, your complete medication list to keep it up to date and accessible. 

Alerts for Your Emergency Contacts 

You can set up your emergency contacts to receive email alerts whenever your DocuBank card is used by health care professionals, thereby timely providing your emergency contacts with the information they need to contact your treating medical team.


My Medical Snapshot

With your Emergency Card you can add expanded allergy and medical information, family and hospitalization history, additional care providers, and more.


Timely Updates and Document Replacements

You can update your essential information and documents at any time. 

Keeping your most important information safe
Privacy & Online Security

TSG intentionally does not ask for any password information regarding any accounts you may have. 

Although TSG has been named as your Personal Representative / Executor (Will), Successor Trustee (Revocable Living Trust) and/or Agent for Financial Affairs (Financial Power of Attorney), TSG will not be able to gain access to any of your financial accounts until proof of your incapacity or passing. 

Learn more about how your information is protected:

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$150 Annually. Digital Scanning Services Available UPON REQUEST AT An additional cost