Family First Legacy Planning
Are You Creating A Life-Giving Legacy?
Wealth can be a tool for misery or offer purpose and direction.  Ideally, it is a tool to help your beneficiary discover who they are and then pursue their goals. However, we know that is not always the case. This generation has a great sense of entitlement and they need to be equipped for the responsibility that you will leave them with.

When you partner with Trustee Services Group, you have a pure partnership with no conflicts of interest – no conflicts of interest, no product promotion.  While many will provide you with DIY tools and resources we work with you to provide a meaningful solution to address concerns of how your family will either benefit or suffer after you are gone.  You likely haven’t thought about planning for their future, beyond what you plan to leave them, because you didn’t think there was anything you could do about it. We are here to help you ensure your family’s success.

What Is the Goal?
What You Envision for Your Family
Wealth is a tool your beneficiaries can use to help them discover who they are and allow them to pursue their dreams. Success will look different for each family. A few common beneficiary goals for we hear from our clients hope include:

  1. Financial self-sufficiency
  2. Live with a sense of purpose
  3. Strong self worth
  4. Strong family relationships
  5. Use time, talent and treasure wisely
  6. No sense of entitlement
Common Issues for Inheritors
What You May Be Worried About
You desire for your wealth to benefit those who receive it but realize that this may not be the case for some members of your family. You are wondering what the wealth will do to the next generation. Common concerns for inheritors include:


  1. Complacency
  2. Materialism
  3. Lack of purpose
  4. Struggle with self-identity
  5. Entitlement
How to Put the Love in Your Legacy
You Can Influence The Next Generation

We like to call it “life navigation” vs. tax planning or wealth management.  We will address these issues but your family is your most important asset. By living with intentionality now you can leave the legacy you want your family to have.


If you have concerns about a family member you have the opportunity to ensure they will have a greater chance of success when you are not here. We offer best in class resources, pure partnerships with no conflicts of interest or product promotion.


Our primary goal is to help you identify and address the concerns you have for your family members including:

  • Family Philanthropy –  can unite the family around meaningful causes and address values and beliefs, while addressing issues commonly encountered with meaningful wealth including unsustainable lifestyles, materialism, etc.
  • Coaching & Life Skills – identify the necessary support to help them be successful.
  • Legacy Planning – plan with the end in sight.


Let Us Help You Design a Life-Giving Legacy.