Complimentary CLE Program: Asset Protection Design Strategies for Divorce and Wealth Transfer
CLE Program Meeting
Divorce and Asset Protection
It’s Not IF, But When

Successful trust design includes careful beneficiary and trustee selection and proper structuring of distribution standards

  • Attorney will gain an understanding of what design factors to consider in order to achieve optimal beneficiary divorce asset protection

When and how to utilize nuptial agreements in estate planning, including drafting in the requirement for a nuptial agreement as a condition to obtaining beneficial interest in an estate 

Before it goes away
Using Estate Exemption

How to set up a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) to lock-in estate tax exemption now

Designing a SLAT that meets your client’s needs and stands strong against IRS examination 

  • Trustee selection, distribution standard, retention of control, and the use of a trust protector 
  • How much settlor involvement is okay? How much is too much? 
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